• announce the contest winners
  • explore this year’s submissions
  • discuss the opportunities and challenges related to storytelling and work with openly licensed cultural heritage collections
  • showcase inspiring examples of storytelling by professionals from the culture sector

1. Recordings, images and documents from Irish Traditional Music Archive on Europeana

A cover of a music notation booklet with the text: Ireland must be heaven, for my mother came from there, an illustration depicting a road and a small photo of a woman in the left lower corner
Ireland must be heaven, for my mother came from there
1 score (4 p.) : ill., music in staff notation, Irish Traditional Music Archive, public domain

2. Folk costume photographs by Gösta Florman from Stiefelsen Nordska Museet on Europeana

1. The collection of National Museum of African American History and Culture via Smithsonian

Cardboard placard with an off-white background and red and white lettering. Overall text reads “We demand an end to police brutality now!” In the upper portion of the placard is a large red swath of color with white text within that reads “WE/ DEMAND.” Below is red lettering in a font that mimics handwritten text that reads “AN END/ TO/ POLICE/ BRUTALITY/ NOW!” All the text is centered down the middle.
Placard from March on Washington “WE DEMAND AN END TO POLICE BRUTALITY NOW”, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Samuel Y. Edgerton, CC0

2. Objects from the Immigration Museum of the State of São Paulo

  1. Graphics:

1. Everyday objects from the collection of Museo del Objeto del Objeto

A red tape dispenser with the brand name Dennison on it and a text“Transparent Mending Tape” no 2
Mending Tape from the second half of the 20th century, Museo del Objeto del Objeto, CC BY

2. Vintage toys from the collection of Deventer Musea on Europeana


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